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The Question:

What Is The Best Piece Of Advice That You Could Give To Somebody Right Now About Life and Love?  

The Answers (from Facebook People at SunGazing) :

  • Don't worry about finding the right person. Worry about BEING the right person. (:
  • Don't look for love, it will find you. Focus on you and figuring out who your are, because if you don't truly know who you are how can someone truly fall in-love with you.
  • Put your phone down.
  • If you've been with someone for a very long time, and you feel like you want to give up on them, think back to when you fell in love with them. Think of why, and how you felt, and who they were that made you fall so deeply. Think of that, and think of you together with them, that way. Those are words of advice from my 87 year old Grandmom, and I will never forget those words, or what it taught me.
  • Forgive
  • If you want unconditional love ..... get a dog ...

Adventure therapy counselling Leicester

  • Never react when you are angry or hurt! Wait at least 24 hrs, you will always react differently!
  • What's done cannot be undone, what's said cannot be unsaid
  • One of the best advice I read was from this poem...WOMAN WITH FLOWER: especially with my Children as they became adults making it on their own...

 I wouldn't coax the plant if I were you,

Such watchful nurturing may do it harm.

Let the soil rest from so much digging

And wait until it's dry before you water it.

The leaf's inclined to find its own direction;

Give it a chance to seek the sunlight for itself.

Much growth is stunted by too careful prodding, Too eager tenderness.

The things we love we have to learn to leave alone.

  • You can choose how you feel in this very moment. Happy or miserable; it's 100% up to you. You are creating your reality in your head, create it wisely. Find the positive in even the most difficult of situations, and life will start to get better simply because you're shifting your focus. Love: Don't expect love to be easy if you're not going to put the work into it. Love is a verb, not a noun. You must choose to make your relationship more about the other person and less about you and your own needs. Strive to brighten up their day, and you will be in love forever.

Do More Than Exist therapy counselling Leicester

  • Follow your heart, but take your brain with you!

  • Live for the moment. The past is dead...Tomorrow may never come. If you live for right now in this moment your life will come alive!
  • Tell them you love them. Feed that hungry person. Open that door for them. And above truly thankful for what you have. What you feel is not enough is someone's everything!
  • And give for what you want above all. You want love, give love. You want money give money. The old saying what you give you shell receive in 7 fold.
  • Love you!

  • Be true to yourself ; be kind to others ; laugh a lot
  • Do what makes you happy. Do not stop pursuing your goals and dreams for someone else because in the end you will regret it!

  • You teach others how to treat you by what you will and will not accept.
  • You were born to make mistakes ...not fake perfection!
  • Don't expect another human to make you happy...its to much to are responsible for your happiness ..then you can love without expecting someone to fix you.

How To Be Happy therapy counselling Leicester

  • Pay attention to actions, not words!
  • We each have our own journey, path, existence...listen to YOUR heart. You know yourself better than anyone and your situation whatever the case. Work on yourself first and when you're happy with your reflection the rest will fall into place
  • The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey - and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.
  • if your gut instinct tells you to run, then run!
  • Let go of what causes pain and suffering. Love yourself and follow your passion no matter what anyone says. Try to be the best person you can be. Be caring and respect each other. Never cease to be amused with the beautiful world around you - like a child 

Hugging a Cactus therapy counselling Leicester

  • drop " I " for " WE "
  • Be honest. Share yourself and your heart. Spread joy and love with all you've got. Most important still is to reach out to those in need. Even strangers.
  • You can't win an argument. Even if you win you loose. You have no right to judge because you don't know the life story of the other person. Don't think negative thoughts because they create your reality.You alone are responsible for your life. Don't be the victim of your past. Every day is a new beginning and you are your own master. When you change how you think about things, the things change.
  • If someone says "Come back and I'll change" the only right response is "Change, and I'll come back"
  • Practice and teach gentle things, like fingertip touches, speaking in low volumes, listening to the quieter sounds (bird song or a car coming they are all useful), and remember that giving is better than receiving (smiles are contagious - giving one will get you one)

  • Don't listen to people's advice. (and yes, I get the irony. G)
  • Be in love. All the time. It is a state of mind, way more then a physical thing. Love yourself. No one can love you if you don't love you. Warts, wrinkles, your curves, love it all. All the time.
  • Crap happens. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Life IS unfair. Nothing to do but make the best of it.
  • More music . Less TV...

  • Follow ur heart & gutt ... Be selfless & learn to pick ur battles. ... Never take ur other for granted no matter how comfy u get.

  • Trust God & love like crazy!!
  • give in to whatever the universe has for you and take everything as a lesson to be learned, especially in love!!
  • Expect nothing. Enjoy everything.
  • Everything will happen as it should.

If You Never Try therapy counselling Leicester

  • If you're not living the life you desire, then start living it, because it's the only medium you have for choosing whether someone is right for you, or not. The choice is not about passing things like looks, wealth, or fame. It's about living day to day, because that is all that matters in the long run.
  • Don't fry bacon in the nude!
  • Everything changes - trying to hold on as it passes by is like trying to grab a moving bus, you will get injured. Let go.
  • If you make a mistake (or a few), remember that you are human and that is expected.
  • Live life one day at a time
  • Honour and respect each other. Be honest - with yourself and with your significant other. Laugh together. Take walks with no IPod, MP3, or other distractions. Talk and share. Put your smart phone away when you have dinner or a date. Finally, disconnect your television.

Its What You See therapy counselling Leicester

  • Raise your children with mindful patience keeping them close to you so that they adopt your value's and know right from wrong!
  • Love those that seem like they don't deserve it. They need it most.
  • You can be whoever you want to be and it's never to late to do or change anything. Love is all that we have
  • If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you always got.
  • desperation leads to wrong decisions & anything worth while takes work & patience.

  • Don't take everything seriously. Love with all your heart. Give without expecting anything in return. Allow yourself to fail and be humble when you win.
  • Don't Start Every Word With A Capital Letter, It's Annoying
  • Listen to your gut feelings, it knows the wisdom best for you, your gut/ solar plexus will protect and guide your heart to a safe place. Your head will talk you into or out of things being rational, your heart will be soft, your Gut will keep the balance.
  • Corinthians 13 - Verses 4 - 7.
  • This too, will pass.
  • Stop letting other people do your thinking for you. No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent.
  • Live simply and understand.
  • Try not to take things or yourself too seriously lifes too short.
  • Life is good, people are good, and everyone needs a hug.
  • don't make assumptions,have the courage to not know,to be uncomfortable,to ask questions
  • Don't do it!!!!!! Lol
  • Live life to the full, and love yourself while doing it xxx
  • It's never going to be 50-50 and always remember why you were attracted to each other in the first place. And, know that you both will change and both will have those changes. Support each other in those changes and never let your kids hear you argue...
  • Appreciate the person who loves you and who you love. And never be afraid to tell someone close that you love them. One day they might be gone then it's too late to tell them.
  • Don't be afraid of the hurt. Live each moment to the fullest and love deeply, fully and honestly. Love is the key to happiness. Bitterness leads to loneliness.
  • Breathing air is highly under-appreciated. So, breathe deep, long breaths, and smile!

Just Have to Live therapy counselling Leicester

  • Learn from your mistakes. Learn to forgive. Don't live in the past. Live life to the fullest. Model patience, compassion and understanding for your children. Rainy days shall pass. Give yourself time to work thru your emotions. Give without expecting anything in return. Don't expect perfection from anyone. Do good for others. Be kind. Love? Don't look for Mr/Mrs right. Be the Mr/Mrs right. Don't lower your standards, know your self worth. Look for someone who shares the same values you do. Don't settle. Accept the person you love, faults and all. Know what you are willing to put up with. No one is perfect. Love isn't about finding the perfect person. It's about 2 imperfect people capable of loving each other despite their imperfections. Live, laugh and love.
  • Keep practicing
  • if you want love....BE LOVABLE

NNobody Loves a Frown

  • "Every marriage tends to consist of an aristocrat and a peasant." This arrangement only works until the peasants revolt.
  • No one said that life or love was easy, it's hard work, patience, a struggle sometimes. It's fighting, crying, hurting and apologizing. But both life and love are well worth it all because you learn, laugh, heal give too and even when you THINK you're done there's more and in the end you just might find it was worth it all, so don't give up.

  • Be an unmaterialistic optimist. AND try to have these RARE human traits: common sense, common decency and kindness to all things.
  • Don't ignore red flags. If something is nagging at you, pay attention before you go down a path you might regret.
  • Be a good listener, pay attention to everything going on in the world. Be sensitive and truly connect emotionally with people. Be a source of strength for the world. And lastly find your own limits! Do not let some over educated spiritually bankrupt soul tell you how smart you are or affect any goals you might have!
  • The best advice I would give anyone is to be kind to yourself and others,enjoy every single moment of every day,because it could be your last...
  • Love life

Dedicated to my brother, David, who doesn't think life is worth living. I hope he changes his mind.

Garry x